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KuKnet FileRenamer is only a single file. You can choose between the different compressions.
You need the free Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 to run KuKnet FileRenamer.

Filename Version Size  
FileRenamer.exe 4.0 1.44 MB (uncompressed)
  MD5: 556F51A29C537FD76A5262A55062DDDA
FileRenamer.rar 4.0 861.91 KB (WinRAR)
  MD5: 3921BD102E98EC6F1E0828E857F636C7
FileRenamer.zip 4.0 893.19 KB (WinZip)
  MD5: A1343E3ADA7A87E5744702E49457AF46
Get it on Windows 10

Older Version (Windows XP and newer)
FileRenamer38.exe 3.8 1.38 MB (uncompressed)
  MD5: 9B3E3C2A527A4656D4579C9609334975
FileRenamer38.rar 3.8 809.95 KB (WinRAR)
  MD5: DF027A4D1C962A6FD20DA8B712905472
FileRenamer38.zip 3.8 841.33 KB (WinZip)
  MD5: C87F5A5B4E787CD26C2D9B6B257BB750
Older Version (Windows 98 and newer)
FileRenamer25.exe 2.5 1.11 MB (uncompressed)
  MD5: b702f761230fe06c55a19308053bbe36
FileRenamer25.rar 2.5 421 KB (WinRAR)
  MD5: 0dea4b07b06cb717460d1ea208bad47b
FileRenamer25.zip 2.5 542 KB (WinZip)
  MD5: 55979626e5484e2e37f8e5dd735db75a

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