Meta Announces 10,000 Layoffs, AI Investment Outweighs Metaverse

Meta Announces 10,000 Layoffs • Meta, the social media company, has announced a new round of 10,000 layoffs to be executed during 2023 as part of its new efficiency policy. • The company is striving to achieve sustainability by closing 5,000 open hiring spots and investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). • CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated […]

FCA Cracks Down on Illegal Crypto ATMs in UK

• The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the U.K. has widened its crackdown on unauthorized cryptocurrency ATMs in East London, working with the Metropolitan Police. • There are currently no crypto ATM operators registered with the FCA and businesses offering crypto services must comply with money laundering regulations. • The FCA warned that anyone investing […]